360º partnership

We assure integrated
brand&events solutions

Our Dna

AddSolutions® is a brand
of AddLife Group.

Born on November 11th 1998.

A Portuguese company that thinks and acts in several languages.

DNAs from many
Communication areas.


Excellence. Commitment. Future.


Client Focus.


DNAs from several
Communication areas


Client Focus.

Key Services

Client Focus.

Our values

excellence . commitment . future


Contribute decisively to the success of our clients.

To be a trustworthy and competence model in Global Communication Solutions.

To establish long lasting relationship with Clients, Workers and Suppliers.

To be recognized as Excellence in Leadership.


To find innovative solutions that allow our clients to always accomplish their goals, with maximum effectiveness.

To provide global services of Communication.

To fulfill and honor the market shortest deadlines, with accuracy and high quality, always respecting the state of the art and innovation in the areas we operate.

To add value, prestige and excellence in projects we undertake.

Veeva Partners.

As we have a privileged access to a line of technical support and continuous training, we are able to provide our customers with the best and most modern Content Loop Marketing (CLM) solutions.

Through a rigorous process of developing materials and the systematic use of our SandBox, we are able to deliver pre-tested materials, thus reducing the time required to release the final product.

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Social Responsibility

We develop social responsibility actions and programs
that help our clients to contribute to social causes and projects.

We are members of the following associations:



Digital Marketing

Communication Design


Events Development (organization and management)

For further information about our services
please contact us

Phone: +351 218 444 460


Loyalty and trust are the key words that define
the relationships that we fulfill, every day, with our partners.
AddSolutions knows that the sum of both parts results
in a mutual benefit and in the development of new activities.


If your plan is to be part of our team
please contact us: rh@addsolutions.pt

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For further information about our services
please contact us.


Praça de Alvalade, edifício 7,
10.º andar, 1700–036 LISBOA

Phone: +351 218 444 460